Cameras that comes with powerful features serve as both a luxury and an investment. Professional cameras have almost always come under the investment bracket. The Canon EOS 7D, which now comes with the EF-S 18-135IS lens is another professional level camera, with its 18 mp resolution and better range of variable focal length. It also boast of impressive features, especially in terms of colour rendition.

Design and Functioning

With a body made solid with Magnesium alloy, this camera demands little maintenance and is easy to carry too. It comes with a Auto Lighting Optimizer function with 4 settings – standard, low, strong and disable – which is used to analyse the brightness of the photographic subject, and automatically correct the dark parts to make them brighter. It is also equipped with the Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction settings, to automatically even the brightness, across the image. Its shutter speed ranges from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 1/4000th of a second. It comes with the superior CMOS image sensor which is more powerful and consumes less battery as compared to a CCD. It is compatible with SD/SDHC and Compact Flash Cards.