When a certain model of camera has become immensely popular in the market and sells like hot cakes, the manufacturers often wonder as to what to include in the upgraded versions of the same camera. What would make an already popular camera sell better? The answer to this question lies in the way the general public sees a digital camera – what do the masses expect out of a digital camera? Since many of them do not know much about the nitty-gritty and the technicalities of photography, they would be more enticed by a digital camera’s auto focus settings as well as its movie making capabilities. This is where the Canon EOS 500D goes ahead of the immensely popular 450D – this 15.1 mp camera includes video capturing in high definition.

Design and Functioning

Virtually identical to its predecessor, the EOS 450D, the Canon EOS 500D comes with the only notable additions of an HDMI connection, speaker and microphone holes and a shiny silver mode dial. Another important feature in the 500D is the 'creative zone' mode, which allows the users to adjust the ISO setting into one of eight positions from 100 to 12800. There are seven preset, auto and custom white balance options, and Canon have included a Spot mode, covering 4% of the viewfinder, along with the other three metering modes, which is a very useful addition for more experienced photographers. By offering video capture in a DSLR, Canon has made it possible for filmmakers to play with depth of field the way they never could, taking advantage of the relatively big APS-C image sensor and the wide assortment of Canon lenses. This camera is compatible with SD/SDHC cards.