Whatever the world may say, nothings beats an SLR – analogue or digital – least of all cameras that look more like soapboxes. The controls that an SLR offers can never equal that of a compact camera, no matter how advanced the latter is. The Canon EOS 50D Kit IV (EF-S18-135) is just another of the photographer’s delight. This 15.1 mp camera comes with a very powerful zoom lens that offers a focal point range from 18mm to 135mm.

Design and Functioning

Though photography is an expensive hobby, a good SLR camera is often an investment, especially when it comes in a rugged and durable form. The Canon EOS 50D Kit IV (EF-S18-135) has a body made of Magnesium alloy, which is a rather durable material. One of its most enduring features is the Integrated Cleaning System inherent to the Canon EOS range, which is a one touch maintenance system for the image sensing device. Like all professional DLSRs, this camera too uses the CMOS sensor, which is more sensitive and less power consuming as compared to the CCD. Its ISO range can be extended from 100 to 12800. The maximum shutter speed it offers is 1/8000th of a second while the minimum of the same is 30 seconds. It uses the Compact Flash card for or SD/SDHC cards for storage.