Canon’s EOS range is perhaps one of the most dependable and here-to-stay brand of cameras that one could think of. Its powerful EOS 1D, which is it most advanced offering in terms of a DLSR, lives up to the name that this series has earned. This powerful advanced DSLR from canon comes with resolution of 21.1 mp and is touted as the world’s fastest SLR, which shoots upto 10 frames per second.

Design and Functioning

Though this camera is rather powerful even for an SLR, it comes in a lighter package than its predecessors. It boasts of a new lighter body with enhanced weather resistance and outstanding reliability: featuring a shutter that's durability-tested to 300,000 exposures. Like any other high end camera from Canon, the EOS 1Ds Mark III also comes with the Integrated Cleaning System that removes dust particles from the CMOS sensor. However, if dust particles have been missed by the Integrated Self-Cleaning Sensor Unit, they can also be erased with software included in Digital Photo Professional (DPP) Version 3.0. Apart from just the SD/SDHC cards, this powerful DSLR is compatible with Compact Flash cards of Type I and II.


Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III