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A major characteristic of Piscean women is that they are dreamers. Know more about the personality & profile of a Pisces woman.

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Pisces Woman

The epitome of romance, Piscean woman has an utmost need to be loved and protected. She is a dreamer by nature and has a tough time separating fact and fiction. Neither does she dominate nor does she like being dominated by anyone. A Piscean female is full of empathy and compassion for those who are in trouble. She is very creative and can use her skills through music, art or any other artistic expressions. She is intuitive, feminine, responsive and sensual - a combination which is enough to make men go weak at knees.
Piscean women can go wrong in picking the right mate for life and as such fall into extra-marital affair, in order to get the attention and love they needs from life. They can also play the tear game well and get things done their way through emotional blackmail. A Piscean female is not forthright enough to convey her feelings to others. She remains so engrossed in her dream world that she finds it difficult to face the practicalities life offers.
A Piscean woman does not have to try too hard to attract men. There is a mystical quality about her, which compels men to come closer and crack the code of her elusiveness. It is said that a Piscean would endure many ordeals in life - but each time she would manage to successfully come out of it. However, in the process, each trial will weaken her resolve in life, making her emotionally dependent on her partner and her faith.

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