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People born under Pisces zodiac sign are quite intuitive. Know more about the personality and profile of a Piscean.

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Pisces Traits

The zodiac sign Pisces is ruled by planet Neptune. Pisceans are generally characterized by their generous, friendly and pleasant nature, with a true sense of kindness and compassion. They are highly intuitive and imaginative. Pisceans can be broadly classified into two types. Some of them are initiators, introducing a new way of thinking into their own life as well as into the society, while others enjoy being followers. The latter types prefer to allow circumstances and events to motivate them.
Pisceans lack decisiveness and can get diverted from their purpose easily. They are impractical dreamers, causing distress to people near them. Though they tend to be extravagant, they do not attach great value to money and would rather spend on others, to fulfill their needs, than to increase their own level of comfort and luxuries. Pisces individuals are popular amongst people due to their easy-going nature and likeable manners. They have great adaptive quality and change as per the changing times.
Pisceans usually have a fair complexion, healthy face and tall height. Eyes are the most remarkable feature in their whole self. They are homely beings and love their family a lot, especially their father. Pisceans love to spend time on research, exploring new and innovative places and developments. They are simple and emotional beings who love to be fair. Neither does a Piscean indulge in injustice nor does he allow injustice to be done. He is versatile and tends to understand things by absorption, rather than logic.

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