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A Pisces man has a very sensitive personality. Read on to know about the characteristics and profile of Piscean men.

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Pisces Man

Gentle and patient in nature, Piscean man is intuitive, caring and sympathetic towards others. He is a very sensitive soul and can find it challenging to deal with stresses and pressures of the world. The realities of life tend to make him revert back to his shell, where he regains the momentum to adhere to the facts of life. He basically believes in the philosophy that there are two worlds - one in which he lives and the other which he creates.
A Piscean man is on the look out of a perfect love and longs to share his full self - mind, body and soul, with the woman in his life. With his gift of intuition, he is able to understand what the woman really wants, even though he may have trouble expressing this knowledge in words. Piscean males are too much in love with themselves to make the first move in any other relationship. They often expect the woman to make the first move.
A Piscean man is definitely sensual, sexy, and cute. He is also a great lover and remains fully devoted to his love of life. However, you need to keep caution as he is a born liar and can surprise anyone by his flair for hypocrisy. Piscean male is also self destructive and might end up harming himself. The regularities of day-to-day transactions bore him. He prefers to live in a parallel world, full of fantasies and imaginations.

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