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Fantasy is the top personality trait of a Piscean child. Read on to know more about the characteristics of Pisces children.

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Pisces Child

Highly imaginative and creative, a Pisces child lives in the world of fantasy. It is generally noted that the kids born under this zodiac sign have the most heart-warming smile, enough to melt everyone around them. A Piscean kid loves to be in his fantasies and might also be seen talking to imaginary people. He is the frontrunner in the belief that fairies, Santa Claus and magic are not myths and each of them exists in the real world.
Intuitiveness is the trademark of Pisces and is strongly visible in the Piscean child as well. Young Pisceans have a very active sixth sense and can feel strong vibrations about things taking place. They tend to spend a lot of time in dreams and hence can drift away from the reality. They enjoy the company of adults rather than children of the same age group. Piscean kids are attached to people and animals more than places and things. They need to be taught to believe in themselves to prevent them from becoming too clinging.
Piscean kids usually have strong absorption powers and tend to absorb all sorts of information like sponges. They are not too fond of order and routine, preferring to defy them. It is often seen that Piscean kids are often victims of bullying and need to be taught to deal with such situations. They are the happy-go-lucky beings and rarely have tempers or are seen angry. Emotionally too inclined, Pisceans often just note the goodness and potential of humanity, ignoring the negative aspects.

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