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The article provides information on the personality and profile of a Libran individual. Read on to know more on Libra zodiac sign.

Astrology: Libra: Libra Traits

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Libra Traits

Ruled by the planet Venus, Librans are optimistic and cheerful people with the ability to delight and charm their friends and associates. They are extremely sociable and easy going and make friends easily. The most distinct characteristic of Librans is their willingness to help others. Be it monetary, moral or psychological support, they are always there for their near and dear ones. Librans have amazing healing powers - they can make a person feel better within a few minutes of conversation.
Librans are diplomatic in nature and prefer to keep everyone happy. They quickly pull themselves out of the frame of any conflict or clash. Such is their peace-loving nature that they would do their best to cooperate and compromise with everyone around them, for their own benefit as well as for the society as a whole. However, a sudden burst of rage is not uncommon. They can be frivolous, flirty and even shallow. Libra individuals have a deep understanding of the emotional needs of their friends. 
Librans are generally found to be fair complexioned, with medium to tall height and attractive looks. They have a strong sense of justice, which makes them excellent persuaders. They have a creative bent of mind and have great perceptional and observational skills. Nonetheless, they are so simple and trusting that they can be easily fooled. Libran individuals usually get the opportunity to travel far and wide. They love luxury and are extravagant in their lifestyle.

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