Well it was not expected, but Dolly must have realized the need for bringing an end to the on-going cold war. She apologized to Shweta for all she has done to her and even the latter forgave her.

Dolly Apologizes To Shweta On Entering
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The unexpected finally happened in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ and Dolly apologized to Shweta Tiwari for all the hell she caused to her. It was a shock for all the contestants as such civilized behavior was not expected from her.
Dolly made a wild card entry on the show, the episode got telecast on Monday. As everyone might have expected that the wild cat would even behave more furiously, but to everyone’s surprise she was calm and brought an end to the cold war.
Well, among all Sameer Soni seemed to quite disturbed, but he somehow didn’t react to all this and kept quiet.
Dolly adds further, “Few housemates do seem to have problems and have taken it with a pinch of salt. I am very excited on entering the house but at the same time have also decided to not on a mask like most of them. I will be myself. All I can say right now to my co-housemates is ... Beware!”
But, ‘Bigg Boss’ has been really unfair to Sameer as he has been given a bad task of protecting Dolly from sun and he has to carry an umbrella wherever she goes out in the lawns!