Whatever happens in ‘Bigg Boss’ is not less than a nightmare for the contestants, yesterday in a very unique task assigned to the housemates, some became puppies while some turned to their owners!

‘Bigg Boss’ Contestants Turn Into Puppies!
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‘Bigg Boss’ comes up with the most unique tasks for the contestants, yesterday the housemates turned to puppies and some turned to their masters! The day was full of humor and fun, even the wild cat of the house, ‘Dolly’ enjoyed with the others.
The ‘puppies day out’ was organized on the arrival of Sara Khan to the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, she came back after spending 2 days in the secret room and is now fully aware of the intentions of the people, who are against her.
'Aa pappiyaan jhappiyan pa le' was the idea behind the weekly task, contestants were given puppies costume and they had a rope attached to the neck. Sara and Veena, who are turning rivals, were allotted together to owner Hrishant. The contestants even behaved like the animals and everyone had a lot of fun.
Khali, the Mahabali turned to a lion and Shweta Tiwari was his master, she even helped the lion take bath and everyone had a roar of laughter that time. Manoj Tiwari became a rabbit, while Dolly Bindra turned to a puppy.
The idea behind the whole concept was to create awareness for animals and to show the people that how real care is taken for puppies. Later Sara interacted with Hrishant and Ashmit and told them that she knows the names of the people now, who are planning against her.