The latest wild card entrant in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ Dolly Bindra has been boycotted by the members of the house as she picked unnecessary fight with Shweta and used abusive words.

‘Bigg Boss’ Contestants Boycott Dolly
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Dolly Bindra, the latest entrant in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ has been boycotted by the contestants as she unnecessary fought with Shweta Tiwari and also used foul language during the argument.
The very first step of Dolly in the house was controversial; she came and suddenly conquered the kitchen till now managed by Shweta Tiwari. This act of Dolly had already angered Shweta, but this was not enough for her.
Dolly picked up a fight with Shweta over the kitchen issues and insulted her and it just left Shweta shattered and she burst into tears. Seeing this, captain of the house Manoj Tiwari decided that such activities shouldn’t be tolerated and everyone boycotted the wild cat.
Although everyone was with Shweta except Rahul Bhatt, he was the one who supported Dolly. All the contestants have decided to nominate Dolly for the next Friday’s elimination.