The much hyped nikah of Ali and Sara came to an end yesterday, it was telecast on yesterday’s ‘Bigg Boss’ episode, the ceremony was celebrated in an elegant as well as simple way.

Sara-Ali Grand Marriage Finishes On A Simple Note
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Sara-Ali got married in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house yesterday, within decent settings and environment. The ceremony was elegant as well as simple and the bride and the bridegroom looked fabulous in Vikram Phadnis’s designer outfits.
The day started on an unusual note and the lady considered  to be the strongest in the house, Seema Parihar fainted on the veranda area of the bungalow. Ali was with the lady and he took care of her, later other contestants also came and Seema recovered within 10 minutes without creating any drama and panic.
As the day passed, the atmosphere of a marriage ceremony began to come into picture and soon ‘Bigg Boss’ provided outfits to Sara, Ali and all the other contestants. Sara and Ali were very happy with the outfits, designed by high profile designer Vikram Phadnis. Shweta Tiwari was a little upset as she didn’t like her Sari color.
The function began and Sara’s aunt and uncle came on her behalf and Ali’s parents came with gifts for Sara. Sara was wearing a beautiful golden, yellow, green and red color combination lehenga with exclusive jewelry and Ali was wearing a golden brown sherwani embellished with zaroski and gold thread embroidery
Later, the ceremony came to an end with the active and jovial participation of all the contestants, a special room decorated with flowers and curtains was provided to the newlywed couple.