Hollywood beauty Pamela Anderson came to the ‘Bigg Boss’ house a few days back as a guest, but sources suggest that she didn’t even stay for a single night along with the in-house mates.

Pamela Didn’t Stay Even For One Night In ‘Bigg Boss’
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Unbelievable but may be true that Pamela Anderson, who came to the ‘Bigg Boss’ house as a guest didn’t even spend one night there and it was shown on the screen, that she stayed for three consecutive nights.
All is fake in ‘Bigg Boss’ this season, not only the Sara-Ali marriage looked scripted, but also the Pamela Anderson 3 days stay is ambiguous. Sources reveals that Anderson accepted the ‘Bigg Boss’ offer only on the condition that she wouldn’t stay with house mates, she would come for certain scene shooting and would leave to her hotel.
As per the reports, Pamela was shown coming to the house and also interacting with the in house mates, but she never stayed for entire one day. She would shoot for certain sequences and would rush back to her plush and posh five star hotel in Khandala.
Close sources add further, “She used the room to exit and was whisked away from there, to a five-star hotel in Khandala. Pam had already stated she wouldn`t stay with the house inmates under any condition."

Well, if that’s true then ‘Bigg Boss’ is nothing more than a fake reality show, that just aims to catch TRP’s as much as possible.