Sameer Soni returned to the ‘Bigg Boss’ house yesterday, as he arrived he was given a very warm welcome by all the contestants which boosted his moral and spirits.

‘Bigg Boss’ Contestants Welcome Sameer On His Return
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After getting evicted from ‘Bigg Boss’, Sameer Soni made his way back to the reality show, every contestant welcomed him with warmth and joy. He was eliminated from the show along with, Dolly Bindra for picking an ugly fight with her.
As Sameer Soni came back on the show, he was first welcomed by Seema Parihar, as soon as Manoj Tiwari came to know about it, he passed on the news to everyone. Shweta Tiwari showed real signs of happiness on Sameer’s return, even Sara, Ashmit, Hrishant and Khali hugged him.
As everything came to normal, ‘Bigg Boss’ announced the need of a new captain and with unanimous voting, Seema Parihar got the lead. She even nominated Ashmit’s name for this week’s elimination saying that he creates fuss on every small thing, which is not good.
Later, the contestants were assigned their weekly tasks and they were divided into two teams of villagers and urban people. The villager’s team would be led by Ashmit and the urban team would be led by Seema Parihar. All the contestants will have to be dressed up in their respective costumes of villagers and urbanites; they all need to follow similar life styles throughout the week.