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Last Updated: 2010-07-02T16:47:01+05:30
Sanjay Dutt
Finally, Rahul Dholakia’s upcoming controversial movie ‘Lamha’ is set to release on coming 16th July, in spite of touching some sensitive issues of the much troubled state, Kashmir. 

Censor board previously gave a red-signal to some dialogues used in ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-02T10:38:53+05:30
Sonam, Imran At last, the day arrives and IHLS hits the theatres today with an electrifying miraculous touch, it’s been able to drive the audience towards the perfect magnetic combo of love, romance and comedy.
Its 2nd of July and now the whole team of ‘I Hate Luv Storys’ can relax ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-01T17:15:48+05:30
Kunal, Bipasha Lamha’ directed by Rahul Dholakia and based on violence in Kashmir had already fallen foul to censor board and now facing protests from the state.
Kashmir is called the crown of India and is termed as ‘Paradise on Earth’, but the movie ‘Lamha’ tries to capture the ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-01T16:08:50+05:30
Imran, Sonam Debutante young director, Punit Malhotra crosses his fingers as the much awaited urban audience movie is set to hit the theatres tomorrow. It seems, Punit is a bit scared on its release.
The sky high expectations of the audiences and the hype about the movie, IHLS has really made ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-30T14:50:18+05:30
Akshay Kumar Akshay and Anushka starrer Patiala House has begun its shooting in some of the rarest locations of the world, the cricketing grounds of England. The Oval, Lord’s and Trent Bridge are the top locations.
The movie ‘Patiala House’ doesn’t sound a movie based on cricket, it ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-30T14:07:41+05:30
Sonam, Imran The in-house astro numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi gives his predictions on the success rate of the movie, ‘I Hate Luv Storys’. He catches the most minor aspects related to it and gives his views.
He reads everything, right from the unfamiliar spelling of the movie to the birthday dates ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-25T12:27:59+05:30
Kareena Kapoor The Golmaal 3 team watched the special screening of the Hollywood action comedy ‘The Team A’. The Golmaal team is almost done with the shooting, so they are enjoying other art works.
Rohit Shetty’s team of Golmaal 3 watched the special screening of the Hollywood ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-24T10:17:52+05:30
Salman, Asin The shooting of the movie ‘Ready’ at last began in Sri Lanka after many protests by the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce. The shooting location, Sri Lanka, was the reason for the controversies.
After the IIFA awards in Sri Lanka, the ‘Ready’ lead actor, super ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-23T10:44:34+05:30
Aishwarya Rai Technically, the movie, Raavan is apt, but even after a deadly mix of personalities, it has not been able to beat even Hrithik Roshan starrer Kites. It even slips below the recent flops.
A movie which has on one hand set benchmarks for the Bollywood industry for its technical ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-22T15:27:05+05:30
Aishwarya Rai Bad reviews, critic’s analysis and controversies should be kept apart now, as the movie ‘Raavan’ earns an unbelievable 530 million!
What matters at the end of the day is the business done by a movie, in spite of it being a hit or a flop. As per the recent figures released by ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-22T09:48:38+05:30
Aishwarya Rai Bollywood is a gamble for the film producers, they wonder whether their huge investments would result into anything profitable or not. The most sought out films, have added to the biggest losses.

Kites and Raavan have given a very harsh blow to the common producer, Reliance Big Pictures. The ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-21T17:28:07+05:30
Sonam Kapoor What will you say this? If you find Imran and Sonam absent from the publicity happenings in Mumbai, all of a sudden? Well, thanks to the meticulous planning, that is responsible for their absence.
Imran and Sonam just did something, which exactly resembles the hit and run concept. They did the ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-21T13:14:08+05:30
Kareena Bollywood film maker Karan Johar was mulling over the title of his upcoming movie, which is a remake of Chris Columbus’, 1998 hit 'Stepmom'. Now, ultimately the title of the movie is ‘We are Family’.
Previously, Karan’s Stepmom remake was titled as ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-21T11:54:22+05:30
Aruna Shields Mr. & Mrs. Singh is all about stepping out of the marital wedlock and getting into relationships because of forced circumstances. It is an overdose of nudity with 34 kisses and unexpected bold scenes.
The movie has undoubtedly created a lot of buzz in Bollywood because of its ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-21T11:01:48+05:30
Aishwarya Rai The multi starrer and the much hyped film, Raavan have caught some bad criticism. The legendary star, Amitabh Bachchan says, bad editing ruined Abhishek’s performance.
Although, Raavan opened to 20 crores in its first opening, but Big B is dissatisfied with the editing part, ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-19T15:38:54+05:30
Aishwarya, Vikram Competition Commission of India passed orders last Thursday night that KFCC (Karnataka Film Chamber Of Commerce) can’t prevent Reliance Big Pictures from screening ‘Raavan’ in Karnataka.”
A straight order form the Competition Commission of India said “The movie is ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-19T13:56:43+05:30
Aishwarya Rai The multi starrer movie, ‘Ravaan’ is undergoing many speculations by experts in the industry. The latest buzz is that, it won’t be so easy to get a good ROI on its 100 crore plus investment.
It might be quite difficult for the film makers to recover their 100 crore plus ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-19T11:38:30+05:30
Sonam Kapoor Aisha and I Hate Luv Storys are the two most awaited movies especially by the urban audiences. The movies have their own USP’s and propositions to cater to the hopes of the viewers. 
Aisha’s first promo was posted online only three days ago, it has unbelievably witnessed one lakh ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-19T09:58:21+05:30
Aishwarya Rai Raavan is the first ever movie in India, which has really earned a distinction in the American media; it’s something which is rare for an Indian film.
The first opening of the movie ‘Raavan’ has invited reviews from the American media, the New York Times says, it’s ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-18T14:02:45+05:30
Vikram Mani Ratnam might not have thought that he was indulging too much with his creation and unfortunately ‘Raavan’ just became an endless boring and tragic tail.
An Indian mythological concept is stretched to a very long extent in the movie Raavan. The much hyped and ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-17T17:31:59+05:30
Aishwarya, Vikram Reliance Big Pictures and Madras Talkies film Raavan’ is ready to hit the screens worldwide tomorrow. It is releasing in approximately 2200 screens in Hindi and Tamil language.
The big story will begin tomorrow and the audience will judge the success or the failure of the movie.
The ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-17T17:03:56+05:30
Akshay Kumar Recently, a song from the movie ‘Khatta Meetha’ called ‘Bull Shit’ was shot. It is a bold and funny song, targeted at irritating the corrupt politicians.
It is the most controversial song for the movie ‘Khatta Meetha’ and it is shown in the song, that ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-17T12:18:30+05:30
Aishwarya, Abhishek The much awaited date of 16 June for Raavan’s premier got the movie just a few meters away from its grand release. Hundreds of people gathered in London for the huge gala event.
The bilingual film, Raavan had its star studded premier in London on June 16, 7 Pm. The majestic event was ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-17T13:03:01+05:30
Abhishek and Aishwarya Guess it! Who it can be? A must say is Ash or Gauri? Well, it was someone else who was the hottest among all and walked the red carpet with all the poise and glory.

 Although, the starry affair of Raavan’s premier in London had the most beautiful lady in the world Ash. But, still ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-17T09:16:59+05:30
It is very difficult to interpret the diversion of audience from one segment to the other, as people are glued towards the football world cup matches, which might pose a threat to Raavan’s count.

 First, it was IPL and now it is FIFA which is hitting the Bollywood ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-15T09:51:21+05:30
Shahid Kapoor Mausam, starring Shahid Kapoor and Sonam has got new producers in Eros, Vistar Religare and Cinergy. It is assumed that the collaboration is for a long term association for some future projects as well.
As per the new producers, the new movie, Mausam is going to be one of the biggest hits of the ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-14T12:42:22+05:30
Ajay Devgan Milan Luthra’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’ is getting some harsh blows from Mastan’s family in regard to some opposition for the lead’s character.
Haji Mastab was one of Mumbai’s notorious gangsters in the 70’s. Such people have always been a ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-07T14:47:59+05:30
Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif, the number one actress in Bollywood today, is known not just for her good looks but also for her hard work and dedication towards her work.
The actress was recently caught in a flap when her friends told her that in the scene where she is giving a public speech the word ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-07T15:36:29+05:30
Hrithik Roshan The IIFA controversy between Southern Industry Vs Bollywood has started showing its after effects with ‘Kites’ being shut down in six theatres across Chennai.
The South Indian Film Chamber had sent a very clear message about their sentiments being hurt over the awards being ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-04T16:35:00+05:30
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Abhishek Aishwarya Bachchan starrer “Raavan” is all set to have a world premier in London on the 16th of June. The movie will release on 18th of June.
The film which also stars Govinda, Ravi Kishan and Tamil Superstar Vikram is much awaited by the audience. The film has been ...

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