Reflecting to the days of ‘Kites’s shooting Hrithik Roshan feels actress Barbara Mori and Kangana Ranaut were the source of inspiration in helping him to evolve in his new art.

Barbara,Kangana Inspire Hrithik
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It was not an easy situation for Hrithik Roshan while doing ‘Kites’ under the direction of Anurag Basu as there was a tough challenge laid ahead of him and without the flame of inspiration like Barbara Mori and Kangana Ranaut he wouldn't have been able to evovle his new art.
On the challenging tricky episode of 'Kites', Hrithik revealed, “As an actor, I got a lot of help also from a mountain girl like Kangana Ranaut. I had to actually unlearn whatever I had learnt as an actor in the last ten years when I set out to act in Kites under the direction of Anurag Basu. Both Barbara and Kangana helped me discover a new part of my art.”
First initially he didn’t feel ‘Kites’ concept to be appreciative but later he had fallen in love with it as time passed, Hrithik with appreciation for the story recounts, “All that I’d state is that Kites is a universal love story with which every one will be easily able to identify all over the world. What happens when two Kites are together and at loggerheads is what the film is all about. It can be dangerous too. Every film has its own destiny. Jay is the biggest hero that I have played till date because he is an ordinary man.”
Hrithik on his journey to Mexico to do ‘Kites’ reveals, “I play the role of the street smart Jay who is born and brought up in Los Angeles. We shot for the film in North Mexico which is surrounded by magnetic mountains, which have the capacity to heal. When I started shooting for the film, my fears were put to rest and I could not only jump but also dance and my knee problem was solved.”