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Brooke Shields
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Last Updated: 2010-03-10T17:10:17+05:30
Brooke Shields Actress Brooke Shields is planning to narrate her side of the story about her marriage to retired tennis ace Andre Agassi in her own memoirs.
Earlier, Agassi revealed private details of their marriage in his tell-all ‘Open’, but Shields insists he left a lot of details out. She ...

Last Updated: 2010-03-10T12:06:55+05:30
Brooke Shields The former wife of renowned tennis player Andre Agassi, Brooke Shields made her public stunt at her budding age. The 44-year-old beauty Brooke recollects that much of her time was spent in building her career, which she started as a child artist then followed into modeling and later into ...

Last Updated: 2010-01-13T10:55:09+05:30
Brooke Shields Hollywood actress Brooke Shields says she really hoped that late pop legend Michael Jackson would jump out of his coffin while she spoke during his memorial service.
The actress fought hard to contain her grief when she gave an emotional speech at the public event held at the Los Angeles ...

Last Updated: 2009-11-18T12:07:03+05:30
Brooke Shields With Hubby Chris Henchy Hollywood actress Brooke Shields has disclosed that she had attempted suicide after she gave birth to her first baby as she was under severe post-natal depression.
Shields, who has two beautiful daughters, six-year-old Rowan and three-year-old Grier from her husband Chris Henchy, had been ...

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