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Carey Mulligan
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Last Updated: 2011-01-17T12:03:14+05:30
Carey Mulligan Hollywood starlet Carey Mulligan who is a BAFTA Award winner has confessed that she never wanted to be a film actress. Mulligan made her big screen debut as Kitty Bennet in Pride & Prejudice and soon received widespread recognition for her role in An Education.
However, even after ...

Last Updated: 2010-12-10T09:32:35+05:30
Carey Mulligan British actress Carey Mulligan is not comfortable wearing raunchy clothes as admitted by the actress. Mulligan revealed that she doesnot feels that she is sexy and could be Hollywood’s sex symbol.
The actress said, "I`ve never felt like a sexy person. I`ve always felt like ...

Last Updated: 2010-11-17T11:39:46+05:30
Carey Mulligan English actress Carey Mulligan will star opposite to DiCaprio in Baz Luhrmann`s adaptation of ‘The Great Gatsby’.Buzz was that there was a tough contest for the role with Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively being other two stars being considered to play DiCaprio`s sweetheart in the ...

Last Updated: 2010-09-10T16:00:54+05:30
Carey Mulligan Actress Carey Mulligan has revealed that it was really a big challenge for her to obtain driving license for her role in upcoming flick, ‘Never Let Me Go’.
The actress revealed that she is really scared of trying her hands at driving and was ‘terrified’ when she ...

Last Updated: 2010-05-12T11:43:42+05:30
Carey Mulligan Hollywood diva Carey Mulligan has donated her gorgeous black and white gown which she donned during BAFTA to Oxfam charity.
The gown was designed by French label Vionnet especially for the ‘An Education’ star. The dress was highly appreciated by the fashion experts. ...

Last Updated: 2010-04-28T11:29:42+05:30
Carey Mulligan English actress Carey Mulligan is reportedly in the talks with the bosses of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ movie. If the deal goes well the actress will be seen starring in the movie adaptation of best-selling thriller.
Mulligan, 24 is expected to portray the most popular ...

Last Updated: 2010-03-03T12:41:23+05:30
Carey Mulligan Actress Carey Mulligan is feeling happy about her relationship with actor Shia Labeouf. The beauty revealed that her ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ co-star is very understanding and know about her hectic Hollywood career.
The 24 year old Carey Mulligan began dating the actor ...

Last Updated: 2010-02-12T10:44:55+05:30
Michael Douglas Hollywood superstar Michael Douglas has admitted that his ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ co-stars are dating each other. The movie stars Shia Labeouf, Carey Mulligan along with Michael Douglas.
Michael Douglas is portraying the role of ruthless Gordon Gekko in the Wall ...

Last Updated: 2010-02-04T14:45:01+05:30
Carey Mulligan Oscar-hopeful Carey Mulligan is "embarrassed" critics are hailing her as the next Audrey Hepburn - insisting she feels like cartoon ogre Shrek in comparison to the screen icon.
Mulligan has been nominated for a string of awards for her role in ‘An Education’, but the ...

Last Updated: 2009-10-26T12:43:30+05:30
Carey Mulligan Actress Carey Mulligan was traumatised moving into her first home - because she was raised in hotels pampered by waiters and maids.
'The Pride & Prejudice' star lived in luxury resorts across Europe from an early age as her father worked for an international hotel chain, and she came ...

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