Carey Mulligan got shocked on moving into her first home as she was raised in hotels by housemaids.

Carey Mulligan Shocked Over Moving Into Her First Home
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Carey Mulligan Shocked Over Moving Into Her First Home
Carey Mulligan
Carey Mulligan
Actress Carey Mulligan was traumatised moving into her first home - because she was raised in hotels pampered by waiters and maids.
'The Pride & Prejudice' star lived in luxury resorts across Europe from an early age as her father worked for an international hotel chain, and she came to rely on housekeepers, room service and wake-up calls.
But when she was forced to take responsibility for herself, she struggled to cope.
Mulligan says, "Until I was eight we lived in hotels. So I lived in The May Fair when I was first born in London, then... we moved to Germany and lived there for a bit. It probably gave me a strange perception of life. We finally got a house when I was eight and we got a key, a proper key, and I was like, why don't we just swipe things (like a hotel key card)?
"I'd sit in the maid's dirty laundry trolley and we were part of the hotel. We'd be down in the laundry room (and) in the kitchen."

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