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Brittany Murphy
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Last Updated: 2010-07-26T16:10:48+05:30
Brittany Murphy, Simon Monjack The case of sudden death of Hollywood beauty Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack has been handed over to Department of Public Health. The decision came after mold was found in couple’s Los Angeles residence.
According to investigation office, the issue of mold in ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-23T10:01:19+05:30
Simon Monjack- Brittany Murphy
On Thursday, Los Angeles coroner's office revealed that British screenwriter Simon Monjack died ‘just like’ his wife, actress Brittany Murphy. The shocking revelation has made people remember the couple again.
According to officials, Monjack suffered acute pneumonia and died ...

Last Updated: 2010-05-24T14:57:05+05:30
Brittany Murphy & Simon Monjack Simon Monjack, the widower of Brittany Murphy was found dead at his Los Angeles home on Sunday night just after 5 months of his wife's tragic death. Monjack was left devastated after the untimely demise of his actress wife in December 2009.
British screenwriter was found unconscious by ...

Last Updated: 2010-02-26T16:20:30+05:30
Brittany Murphy The reason of Brittany Murphy’s death has been revealed. According to her toxicology report, the actress died of multiple medications for the treatment of a cold or other respiratory infection in her blood system.
The ‘8 Mile’ actress died of cardiac arrest at her ...

Last Updated: 2010-02-13T15:35:30+05:30
Brittany Murphy Late Brittany Murphy’s last movie ‘Abandoned’ is all set to release this summer. The Just Married’ star passed away on 20 December 2009 after suffering a cardiac arrest at her Hollywood Hills home.
She finished shooting psychological thriller Abandoned in June last ...

Last Updated: 2010-02-05T16:52:05+05:30
Brittany Murphy A Los Angeles coroner ruled the death of actress Brittany Murphy to be accidental and caused by drug intoxication, pneumonia and iron deficiency anemia reported a newspaper on Thursday.
Murphy, 32, who starred in Clueless, was found unresponsive in her home Dec 20 by her husband and her ...

Last Updated: 2010-01-29T11:13:22+05:30
Brittany Murphy Simon Monjack, husband of late actress Brittany Murphy, is planning to file a lawsuit against Warner Bros in connection with his wife's fatal heart attack Dec 20, according to media reports.
Monjack claims in the interview with The Daily Beast that Murphy's death was due to stress caused ...

Last Updated: 2009-12-30T16:26:04+05:30
Brittany Murphy Brittany Murphy's estranged father has been mysteriously left off the tragic actress' death certificate.
Angelo Bertolotti was a notable absence at the star's funeral in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve (24Dec09) - and now he has failed to make it onto the actress' death certificate, which was ...

Last Updated: 2009-12-28T13:54:07+05:30
Brittany Murphy Tragic actress Brittany Murphy was laid to rest in a small, private funeral in Hollywood on Christmas Eve (24Dec09).
The Clueless star passed away on Sunday (20Dec09) after suffering a cardiac arrest at her Hollywood Hills home. She was 32. An autopsy was completed on Monday (21Dec09) but ...

Last Updated: 2009-12-24T17:49:51+05:30
Brittany Murphy Brittany Murphy's estranged father is refusing to attend her Christmas Eve (24Dec09) funeral because he doesn't want to see the body of his tragic daughter.
The Clueless star passed away at the age of 32 on Sunday (20Dec09) after suffering a cardiac arrest at her Hollywood Hills home. An ...

Last Updated: 2009-12-24T16:56:46+05:30
Brittany Murphy Bosses behind Brittany Murphy's latest movie project have decided to forge ahead with the film, after the project was thrown into turmoil by the actress' sudden death on Sunday (20Dec09).
The 32 year old was due to start work on Shrinking Charlotte, a comedy with Kathleen Turner, Matthew ...

Last Updated: 2009-12-23T16:14:27+05:30
Brittany Murphy As many as 10 prescription drugs were found in late actress Brittany Murphy's bedroom.
It is reported that empty bottles of pills to treat depression and anxiety were found on her bedside table.
Murphy died Sunday of a heart attack in her Los Angeles. She was reportedly taking ...

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