As ‘Kites’ takes for a face-lift today in India and abroad the sensuous Mexican beauty is nerved about Indian audience’s reaction as she is new to the field.

Barbara Mori 'Kites' Set To Attract North America Crowds But Nerved About Indians
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Though it took for a year to get the release of the film ‘Kites’ but the Mexican origin actress Barbara Mori who often use to switch off from India and Mexico feels unsure about Indian crowd’s reaction towards her though it is normal for her in international circuit.
Today, the suspense of the much awaited and controversially sensuous ‘Kites’ will be over when it will hit the North American as well as Indian screen  today which is expected to bring good result from a mix culture.
Preparing to make a biggest ever release for any Bollywood film till yet, it is reportedly heard to make an opening in almost 200 theatres across the US and Canada which has full entertainment with action, romance and thrill.
Barbara who appeared quite apprehensive about Indian audience’s reaction and excited about her future Bollywood projects, she revealed, "Yes, I have. But I cannot disclose anything about it at the moment. Right now, all my thoughts are with Kites doing well. I am a bit apprehensive, yet, I have a feeling that it will be liked by everyone."
Mostly it is a film set to attract crowd of mix culture from all regions of the world which is mostly highlighted in the back drop of exotic locations of Las Vegas, Santa Fe and Los Angeles under the direction of Anurag Basu .
On account of her experience, Barbara revealed, “It was a great experience. In fact with Kites, there are many firsts for me. It is my first action film, and my first ever big-budget one. I had never interacted with an Indian unit before; and it is my first English and Hindi film as well. And yes,Spanish films do have not this kind of setup.”

Her role is struck between money and love in order to live a decent living, Barbara added, “I play Natalie, a Spanish girl who has lost her father and has an ailing mother. Natalie goes to USA to earn money where she meets Tony, a rich guy and finds true love with him. Then she has to choose between money and love.”

Well with the support of Greek God of Indian cinema like Hrithik Roshan, hopefully Barbara need not need to worry much.