Yeah it is true! The male cast of ‘Golmaal 3’ who after a successful attempt over Bibasha Basu tried to scare Kareena Kapoor but left with heavy impact of yell.

Kareena Kapoor Surprised The Ghost Scarer With Her Stirring Yell!
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Kareena Kapoor Surprised The Ghost Scarer With Her Stirring Yell!
Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor
Feeling triumphant with their success over Bipasha Basu, the male cast of ‘Golmaal 3’ thought they could victimize Kareena Kapoor but stumbled back with awe when she gave her staunchly steely look surprising the ghost scarer instead.
Previously, the boys of ‘All The Best’ experimented their scary act with Bipasha and triumphed, similarly when they were doing their next venture in ‘Golmal 3’ they thought of playing the same prank with Kareena but left surprised in return.
Taking an opportunity during a shoot at a hotel when Kareena was present, they planned in well advance  with a scary story. Ajay and Rohit came up with a scary narration of a woman killed in same place who still continues to haunt and is very violent.
Looking at her pitiful plight they continued with their horrifying tale. The best she tried to keep them at bay from scarring her was by yelling at them repetitively, Kareena with naughty look stated, "Ajay keeps trying to scare me with stories of a ghost in our hotel. Of course I get scared with such horror stories and keep yelling at them to stop but they don't! This hotel is like a khandar with no other habitation outside it and hardly any guests and it gets a bit scary at times. But I refuse to cower in fright and give them the pleasure of pulling off their pranks!"
Backing her spiritual power, Kareena replied, “I am a very spiritual person and I don't believe in ghosts. Nor have I ever seen a ghost in my life. In the evening, we hang out together - Ajay, Tusshar and me - have dinner and going to the gym together. We are one happy unit here."
This is really cool of Kareena to resume back with her shoot without any trace of fear from the horror story. But it was lovely of her to keep yelling each time the cast of ‘Golmal3’ tried to scare her away.
Must have in return have left them with her heavy impact of her yelling scream that is good enough to give them nightmares of her repetitive screams.

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