Ashmit, who was clearly seen romancing with Sara in the start, yesterday announced in ‘Bigg Boss’ house, that Sara is his sister from day 1 and tried to amend relations with her.

Ashmit Says Sara Is My Sister!
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Yesterday, ‘Bigg Boss’ organized a show called ‘Vodafone Delights’, in which every participant had to come on stage and express his views for the person they miss in the same house. Ashmit came and announced that he misses Sara, due to the cropped up misunderstandings and he has always considered Sara as his sister.
The sentence came as a roller coaster ride for the viewers and even for the in house mates, Ashmit kept everyone’s eye ball’s rolling with his announcement. He called Sara on stage, hugged her, gave her a present and even an emotional Sara told that even she considered Ashmit to be her brother from the first day!
Everyone could witness signs of relief on Veena Maillik’s face, as few moments back she had fought with Ashmit in regard to Sara and his alleged relationship with her. Ashmit gave clarification to Veena that Sara is his sister and they were in no way related as a couple, but an unconvinced Veena told him to accept this fact in front of everyone.
Even Shweta Tiwari gave a box to her present foe in house, Manoj Tiwari and tried to raise a hand of friendship to him, but the Bhojpuri actor didn’t show much signs of friendliness to Shweta. The show was hosted by Dolly, Shweta even gave a rose bud to her, to build good relations with her and even Dolly accepted the flower graciously.

The show ended with much more spice, when Veena Malik came on stage and told that she is upset with Sara and miss her as a sister, she started to cry, but to her Sara didn’t show much signs of emotions and simply hugged her.

The moral of the story is Veena and Ashmit have found a sister in the form of Sara!