Canon has shown consistency when it comes to maintaining standards in lens technology for its EOS range of SLR professional cameras; the EOS 450D EF-S18-200 is the version of the EOS 450D that comes with a telephoto lens that offers an impressive variable focal length, aside from the lens available in the other kit, which comes under a normal 18mm to 55mm range. An upgraded version of the Canon EOS 400D, its image sensing device offers an area of 12.2 mp and a 3 inch VGA LCD.

Design and Functioning

Though its body is rather sturdy and durable, the Canon EOS 450D has a fluid design and user friendly ergonomics. Also, its aperture opening range is equally noteworthy – the maximum f-stop that this camera can boast of is a never-before f2.8. It uses a CMOS image sensing device, instead of the usual CCD, which helps to decrease power usage. It also boasts of a maximum shooting speed of 3 frames per second. What’s more – it comes with an integrated cleaning system that allows it to reduce dust within the camera each time the camera is turned off, making it rather rugged and low on maintenance.