If there is one thing that Nikon can be credited with, when it comes to the world of imaging and optics, it is the complete dedication to quality that this leading manufacturer of cameras has exhibited. Be it consumer cameras (compact, ultra compact, point and shoot and so on) or professional cameras that any dedicated lensman swears by; Nikon is a name to reckon with. In 2006, Nikon introduced D200, which belongs to its range of professional cameras. The D200 is a 10.2mp DSLR.

Design and Functioning

Anyone who has seen the Nikon D2x, would think that it was shrunk in size and given the name Nikon D200! Nevertheless, D200 boasts of the same solid and sturdy body that can be expected out of any Nikon DSLR offering, complete with rugged, lightweight magnesium alloy chassis, ready for the most rigorous of assignments. Additional dust and moisture sealing add to the D200's strength. The Nikon D200’s newly developed 10.2 effective megapixel DX-format CCD image sensor captures images with edge-to-edge sharpness and incredible color at 3,872 x 2,592 pixels, yielding extraordinarily high-resolution images perfect for enlargements or creative cropping. The new eye-level optical viewfinder developed for the D200 features large magnification (0.94x) that helps ensure a clear view for precise composition with a built-in dioptre adjustment that allows fine-tuning tailored to the user’s eyesight. Its 2.5-inch high resolution LCD monitor provides ultra-wide, 170-degree viewing in all directions. The D200 features six parameter presets which each encompass different settings for sharpening, tone, color mode and saturation. These provide a quick and reliable way to achieve a particular look to your image. Nikon’s Image Optimisation function is also incorporated in it, which has its settings at Normal, Softer, Vivid, More Vivid, Portrait, B&W, and Custom. This camera is compatible with CompactFlash card Type I and II.