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Do you want to explore the characteristics of Taurus women? This article will tell you about the personality traits and profile of a Taurus woman.

Astrology: Taurus: Taurus Woman

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Taurus Woman

Taurean woman has a feminine outlook, but is extremely strong when it comes to emotions. She is adept at handling pressures and can very well tackle the most difficult of situations. Highly introvert, Taurean woman chooses her friends very cautiously. A Taurus female makes friends with people who, like her, do not believe in dual personality. Though she has a few friends only, all of them would be dependable and stand by her whenever she a need arises. A Taurean female is very trustworthy and caring.
Taurean women are extremely stubborn and would not budge from a viewpoint they think is correct. They cannot be forced to do anything they are not willing to do. They can also get fiercely angry, if provoked. Taurean females are very susceptible to illness and, when sick, she may take a long time to recover completely. The most common health problem citied in them is the infection of the throat. A Taurean female has a conservative nature, which is one of the primary reasons why she prefers the comforts of home.
Taurean women exhibit strong judgmental power about what is right and what is wrong. They do not judge people at the first glance; rather let their behavior speak for them, over time. Females under the Bull sign are extremely conscious about their figure and tend to follow a strict diet regime. They are a true lover of nature and would prefer the real to the artificial, e.g., real flowers, real silk and genuine, high-quality antiques. A Taurean girl's also has a strong mind and will-power, which restrains her from doing anything out of obligation.

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