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A Sagittarius man is very positive and has a cheery personality. Check out the characteristics, love traits and profile of Sagittarian men.

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Sagittarius Man

A man who designs his own path and treads all his life through the chosen way is denoted as a Sagittarian male. Cheerful and optimistic by nature, he sees just the brighter side of life, ignoring the darker aspect. The man is lucky in both, professional and personal fronts. For him, the nature of the person matters more than the appearance. A Sagittarian man believes that looks can go weary, but nature always remains the same. Innocent at heart and straightforward in talk, he is not at all deceitful.
Sagittarian males are very straightforward, sometimes to the point of being rude. Though they might not realize this fact, but their forthrightness often ends up hurting other people. They do not know how to mince words and therefore, are very tactless in dealing with situations. Sagittarian men are impulsive and can have a nasty temper. Such individuals also have a greater tendency of getting hurt by people because of their blind faith in them. Sagittarius males love excitement and should always have an element of challenge in their life.
A Sagittarian man loves freedom and independence and will give the same to his partner, when he is in a relationship. He does not have the slightest traits of jealously and possessiveness, mainly because of his unfailing trust in people. Such males would not care how their partner dresses, who she is friends with or where she spends her time. They have an unerringly accurate wit which makes them a favorite among their friends. Sagittarian men are loyal and truthful to their partner and will expect the same from her.

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