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Sagittarius children are marked by an inquisitive personality. Read on to explore the characteristics and traits of a Sagittarian child.

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Sagittarius Child

Children born under Sagittarius zodiac sign are always bubbling with energy and are jovial in nature. Sagittarian children are happy and playful, just like a clown, seen hopping from here to there. They are very warm when it comes to greeting everyone they meet and, in turn, expect the same from others as well. Sagittarius kids are interested in a whole lot of activities and love playing with animals. Since Sagittarius children show complete honesty in their relationship, they want the same from those around them.
Sagittarian children are more prone to bruises, cuts and bumps than all the other children. Being adventurous in nature, they rarely sit at one place and thus, are more susceptible to injuries. Hardly one to understand norms, they need to be taught that there are certain social rules that must be obeyed. Sagittarian kids are very extravagant and must be trained as to how to spend money wisely. Though they have a happy-go-lucky nature, they can turn into angry and sarcastic adults, if they get frustrated from life.
A Sagittarian child is very inquisitive in nature and asks a lot of questions about his surroundings. When he raises a query, make sure to answer him by giving strong reasoning, as this would improve his mental development. A Sagittarian kid loves company and wants people around him even when he is sleeping. When left on his own, you might find him hugging a teddy bear or a blanket tightly, for company. The child expects to be trusted by every one, as he never views anyone with suspicion.

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