US pop star Britney Spears has decided to introduce her own fitness video.

Britney Spears To Launch Fitness Videos
Last Updated: 2008-10-04T16:18:30+05:30
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Britney Spears
Britney Spears
US pop star Britney Spears is all geared up to launch her own fitness video. After giving birth two children, Britney gained enough of weight. But she got back her old svelte figure by following a balanced diet and regular physical exercise. According to media reports, the singer has revealed that because of her regular dancing activities she was able to put her figure in shape. Now she wants to share her fitness secret with the world by making series of work out videos. The pop star also got the inspiration of fitness videos after watching the old tapes of her mother, actress Jane Fonda.
Of late Britney has been involved in number of controversies including the loss of possession of her children. During that time, the court had also suspended the visitation rights of troubled pop star. After the announcement of the judgment of sending her two sons with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, the singer was taken to the Los Angeles hospital for observation. Now with this newly planned initiative of introducing fitness videos, she might regain her popularity and stability in life. The representative of Britney's record company has appreciated her new move.  

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