Hollywood actor Brad Pitt meets his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston secretly.

Brad Pitt Still In Love With Jennifer Aniston?
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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's relationship has hit the headlines again after a former bodyguard revealed that the actor had a secret meeting with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston in December last year.
The ex-bodyguard, named Bill, revealed that Pitt asked him to keep an eye open for the paparazzi while he hooked up with his ex on a remote Beverly Hills canyon road on Dec 9.
Brad Pitt’s Bodyguard, revealed, "They were very cozy, clearly embracing. Several times, Brad and Jennifer were hugging and kissing.”
He added, "I know that he still loves her."
Bill then alerted the pair when he spotted the paparazzi nearby. "Jennifer left first, flashing Brad a quick peace sign and a smile. Brad jogged back to his motorcycle, drove off and went for an hour bike ride," he quoted.
The bodyguard also insisted that that wasn't the first time the former couple had met in secret, claiming Pitt and Aniston previously met up twice in Los Angeles and once in New York, to his knowledge.
The new report comes after months of speculation about Pitt's relationship with Jolie.  The couple took legal action against a British tabloid earlier this year following reports of a divorce.
Pitt splited from Aniston after meeting Jolie on the sets of their 2005 action film ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’.