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Jessica Alba
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Last Updated: 2010-11-15T12:04:21+05:30
Jessica Alba American TV and film actress Jessica Alba is not comfortable with the sex symbol tag associated with her. She is confused being attributed as sexy by male fans.
A website claims the pretty actress wants to be known for her acting skills rather than singled out for her looks.The actress had ...

Last Updated: 2010-11-09T12:18:01+05:30
Jessica Alba A series of pictures showing pregnant Jessica Alba in semi-nude poses have been leaked online.The source that leaked the photographs has not yet been identified but the photos seem to be taken via cell phones.
 A shot of one of the topless snaps of the  Sin City star  shows ...

Last Updated: 2010-09-24T16:41:53+05:30
Jessica Alba Hollywood beauty Jessica Alba seems not to be good at keeping her promises as the beauty who vowed never to go naked in front of camera peeled off her clothes for the new movie, Machete.
In the movie, the beauty is seen in her birthday suit while taking a shower for a film sequence. ...

Last Updated: 2010-09-17T15:28:49+05:30
Jennifer Aniston The annual list of best dressed celebrities published by People magazine has recognised Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston for their unique and exclusive fashion statement.
The ‘I Love The Way You Lie’ hitmaker was awarded with ‘The Daring Diva’ title for ...

Last Updated: 2010-09-03T13:05:31+05:30
Jessica Alba Lindsay Lohan is a rich girl; no we are not talking about her earnings but the support that she is getting from Hollywood after going through legal troubles for a long time. Jessica Alba, the Hollywood beauty and LiLo’s co-star in new film, ‘Machete’ has come forward to boost up ...

Last Updated: 2010-05-01T06:22:05+05:30
Jessica Alba Actress Jessica Alba has claimed that her latest movie, ‘The Killer Inside Me’ was a difficult flick. The Hollywood beauty said that she faced difficulty filming for the flick as well as watching it is also tough.
Jessica Alba quoted, "It stays with you, especially this. ...

Last Updated: 2010-02-15T13:03:55+05:30
Jessica Alba Hollywood hottie Jessica Alba has claimed that she will never bare it all for camera. The actress cited that she will be doing revealing outfits but her fans should not expect her to strip in movies.
The 28-year-old admitted that she likes doing raunchy roles and will flaunt her sexy body ...

Last Updated: 2010-02-10T13:17:48+05:30
Jessica Alba Hollywood actress Jessica Alba thinks men should always pay on dates.
The "Valentine's Day" actress takes an old fashioned approach to romance and says she would never expect to pay on a date.
"Absolutely pick up the cheque. Hopefully your date offers, but that's ...

Last Updated: 2010-02-09T11:14:12+05:30
Jessica Alba Hollywood actress Jessica Alba says her young daughter will grow up to be a "bully" because the 18-month-old is already pushing her friends around.
Honor Marie is Alba's only child with husband Cash Warren and the actress admits that she saw another side of the youngster on a ...

Last Updated: 2010-02-08T18:03:44+05:30
Jessica Alba Jessica Alba has been left distressed by reports that cosmetic surgeons in China have offered to perform numerous free procedures on a girl desperate to look like the actress.
A 21 year old, known only as Xiaoqing, is allegedly willing to transform her looks to try and win back her former ...

Last Updated: 2010-01-30T12:14:02+05:30
Jessica Alba Jessica Alba is taking Spanish lessons, so she can sign up for Latin movies and feel more confident when talking about her Mexican heritage.
The actress admits she confused a lot of journalists when she first became a star - because she looked Latino but couldn't speak the ...

Last Updated: 2010-01-14T18:00:09+05:30
Jessica Alba Hollywood actress Jessica Alba loves her stretch marks and cellulite.
The 'Fantastic Four' actress, 28, has learned to love her imperfections because they remind her of the joy she experienced when pregnant with her daughter Honor Marie, now 18 months old, reported a familiar ...

Last Updated: 2009-12-03T14:07:58+05:30
Jessica Alba Actress Jessica Alba refuses to give her toddler Honor sugary drinks, insisting sodas and synthetic juices are not healthy.
The protective Alba, who gave birth to her daughter in June 2008, insists she wants to make sure Honor has a healthy outlook on life.
"She doesn't have ...

Last Updated: 2009-07-25T10:07:14+05:30
Jessica Alba Hollywood actress Jessica Alba has revealed that she is loving motherhood .She always keeps a constant watch over her 13-month-old daughter Honor Marie.
The "Sin City" star says she is constantly on the guard for Marie, her first child with husband Cash Warren but admits she ...

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