It seems Brad Pitt is quite obsessed with his children and didn’t mind giving away a handsome amount of $10,000 at his younger daughter’s choice of outfit.

Brad Pitt Spends Handsome $10,000 For His Daughter’s Sake
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The hot pair of Hollywood, Brad Pitt  and Angelina Jolie who had raised six children share a special bond with the children. Recently, dad Pitt took along with him two daughters, Zahara and Shiloh to the Bonpoint collection of children's boutiques in Paris.
During the shopping spree his younger daughter Shiloh demanded her choice of outfit and Pitt had to empty his wallet with a handsome amount of $10,000. Quite a cool dad who did not even thought for a second to please her with a lesser expensive one.
Dad Pitt adds, "Zahara chose very girlie outfits, but Shiloh only wanted items from the boys' collection, which is in another boutique across the street.”
The actor states that Shiloh is quite tomboyish who would prefer for boys' outfits unlike her elder sister Zahara, he stated, "Shiloh had absolutely no interest in the pretty dresses or skirts."
Well Zara and Shiloh are quite lucky to have such a big hearted dad like Pitt who have no second thought on their heavy demands.