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Clint Eastwood
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Last Updated: 2010-02-02T11:13:16+05:30
Clint Eastwood While critics predicted his 2008 outing "Gran Torino" as his last project, veteran filmmaker Clint Eastwood has said he isn't ready to retire from Hollywood yet.
The 79-year-old screen legend who, has won five Golden Globes and five Academy Awards, says he will quit ...

Last Updated: 2009-11-18T15:34:23+05:30
Clint Eastwood Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood and U.S. President Barack Obama have been named among GQ Magazine's Men of 2009.
Actor/director Eastwood, 79, is being hailed by the publication as Icon of the Year and graces one of five special covers for the December (09) issue.
President Obama is ...

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