Amy Winehouse “getting back” with ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil seems unlikely with reports of his affair with a transsexual look alike of Amy.

Amy Winehouse- Blake Patch Up Seems Unlikely
Last Updated: 2010-01-22T17:34:42+05:30
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Amy Winehouse- Blake Patch Up Seems Unlikely
Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse's plans to rekindle her romance with ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil have been dealt with another blow over allegations that he has been having an affair with a transsexual teenage impersonator of the Back To Black singer.
The singer is said to be getting ready to remarry her ex-partner in the Caribbean in February 2010, even though he divorced her on the grounds of her adultery just six months ago in Jul 2009.
But the reunion could be in doubt after a 17-year-old transsexual came forward with allegations that she has enjoyed a fling with the recovering drug addict since last October 2009.
Mia, who is awaiting surgery to become a woman and mimics her idol Winehouse's style, insists that Fielder-Civil continued to date her even after realizing that she still had male genitals.
She said, "He introduced me to his pals as his new girlfriend. Within minutes he was snogging (kissing) me at the pool table, but he had no idea of my transsexual background. He was taking cocaine in the toilets and would come out rubbing his nose.
"It was bizarre. I was nervous, but I liked him, so I just went along with it. Then he took me to the hotel. We played games of dare and ended up kissing and mucking about. I was lying there and his hands were all over me. Then he suddenly realised. He stopped, looked at me, and said, 'Are you a transsexual?' I told him yes and he just smiled. He kept asking me questions about it - he was fascinated with my Adam's apple and I was besotted with him."
And Mia, who sports a beehive and heavy eyeliner like Winehouse, insists the Grammy-winning singer was privy to the affair and even thanked her for looking after Fielder-Civil when she was not around.
But Mia claims Fielder-Civil later dumped her after she confronted him when he was with his supposed fiancée Sarah Aspin who recently revealed that Winehouse's  ex-husband had actually promised to marry her months ago.

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