Those who have taken up photography as a hobby that they would like to pursue in life have realised, perhaps even the hard way round, that though cameras are equipped with as powerful as a 10, fifteen or even 20x zoom capacity, it is extremely difficult for a beginner to take steady pictures in extreme zoom conditions. A telephoto range will magnify even the smallest amount of shake into an ugly blur. Thus, most good entry level DSLRs introduce their first DSLR kits with a wide angle lens, so that the users practice first in wide angle and only then graduate to the telephoto after they have become seasoned. Canon’s most celebrated entry level DSLR, the Canon Eos 450D, also belongs to the same school of thought. This 12.2 mp camera comes with a wide angle lens called the EF-S18-55, with a focal range of 29mm to 88mm.

Design and Functioning

The Canon EOS 450D is outwardly very similar to its predecessor, the EOS 400D, with a few smoother edges and rounded corners. It's actually slightly bigger in all dimensions, but slightly lighter in weight at less than 500g. Like most entry-level DSLRs the EOS 450D provides a number of auto shooting modes aimed at beginners, including portrait, landscape, close-up, sports and night portrait and flash off choices. The wide angle kit lens that it comes which is offering sensor-shift stabilization in relatively inexpensive DSLR bodies. Its minimum focus distance has been reduced from 0.28m to 0.25m, offering a welcome increase in maximum magnification from 0.28x to 0.34x. this lens also offers about four stops of Optical Image Stabilization, making it all the more attractive to the newcomers. In the 'creative zone' setting that this camera offers, users can adjust the ISO setting into one of five positions from 100 to 1600 which is more than adequate for most lighting conditions. This camera is compatible with SD/SDHC cards.