As many may have already pointed out, there could be no better time to pursue photography as a hobby than now. It is the new in thing and people have begun to understand the various nuances of not only photography as it always was, but also the aspects of digital imaging and would like to actually look into the frame carefully before they click. Companies like Canon might have already sensed this trend which is perhaps why they came up with a wonderful range of Prosumer and entry level DSLRs for the serious shutterbugs. Its most celebrated offering in this range, the Canon EOS 450D, comes with an improved resolution of 12 mp from its predecessor the Canon EOS 400D, and comes with a wide angle kit lens of 18mm to 55mm.

Design and Functioning

The Canon EOS 450D is outwardly very similar to its predecessor, the EOS 400D, with a few smoother edges and rounded corners. It's actually slightly bigger in all dimensions but slightly lighter in weight at less than 500g. Like most entry-level DSLRs the EOS 450D provides a number of auto shooting modes aimed at beginners, including portrait, landscape, close-up, sports and night portrait and flash off choices. It employs Canon’s high-sensitivity, low-noise CMOS technology to produce richly detailed images with minimal grain. Its Highlight Tone Priority boosts the dynamic range at the highlight end, providing better tonal detail from wedding dresses, cloudy skies and other bright objects. It also comes with the new Auto Lighting Optimiser, which corrects brightness and contrast during image processing, while improving skin tones in portraits by ensuring correct exposure for faces. Unlike many of its kind, the Canon EOS450D makes use of SD/SDHC cards, not the Compact Flash card.