It is said that Tony Parker was not loyal to actress Eva Longoria and was sending racy texts to a British model.

Tony Parker Ditched Eva Longoria?
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Fairy tale marriage of actress Eva Longoria with Tony Parker recently ended, leaving her fans dishearten. It is said that Parker was not loyal to the actress and was sending racy texts to a British model.
It has revealed that the basketball ace used to flood Sophia Egeler, 19 with steamy messages and in addition to it he also sent her a half-naked photo of himself and added You want a sexier one still?"
Throwing light on the issue, Sophia said, “From the minute he met me he was trying it on. I had no idea he was Eva Longoria`s husband. He would not take no for an answer and was telling me how much he liked me."
The two later partied at the London’s Whisky Mist in the VIP lounge.
“I decided at 1am I wanted to leave but Parker followed me into the street. He begged me to come back to a house he claimed was his. I said no,” Egeler added.
However, the model admitted that Parker has stopped messaging since the news of his split from Eva has become public.
She added, "When I heard I couldn`t believe it. How stupid is he to risk everything with her?"