US President Barack Obama and Russian PM, Vladmir Putin met for the frist time officially in Moscow on Tuesday.

Obama And Putin Meet In Moscow
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The US President Barack Obama started his first meeting with Vladimir Putin on Tuesday morning at the Russian prime minister's country residence present outside Moscow.

Obama, on his first visit to Russia after becoming president, held extensive talks with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, resulting in a framework agreement for a new strategic arms reduction treaty.

After exchanging pleasantries, Putin told Obama that Russia is hoping for better relations with the US, following disagreements that arose with the previous administration.

"We link your name with our hopes for the development of Russian-US relations," he said.

Obama told Putin: "I am aware of the extraordinary work you have done as president in previous years and in your current role as prime minister," and said the meeting provides an opportunity to "put US-Russian relations on a much stronger basis".

Putin had consistently maintained friendly personal ties with George W. Bush, which persisted despite the strains in bilateral tries, including over arms control, NATO expansion, and US missile defense plans for Europe.

Putin earlier said that Russia is ready for effective cooperation with the new US administration, and that he wanted to hear the US view on tackling the economic crisis, as a large part of Russia's currency reserves is held in US dollars.

Obama said on Monday that he believed the Medvedev-Putin tandem was working effectively.