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Last Updated: 2009-07-29T15:18:14+05:30
Queen Elizabeth II The reigning monarch of Britain, Queen Elizabeth II, is now guarded by two Sikhs, Signaler Simranjit Singh, 26 and Lance Corporal Sarvjit Singh, 28.
Simranjit Singh, who is currently with 21st Signal Regiment based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, has been in Queen’s duty since May 2009. ...

Last Updated: 2009-07-18T15:57:21+05:30
Henry Allingham Henry Allingham, who became the world's oldest living person at 113 years just last month, has passed away, in his nursing home near Brighton City said Saturday.
Allingham had gained the status as the planet's oldest living person in June after Tomoji Tanabe of Japan died, also at the age ...

Last Updated: 2009-06-26T17:06:38+05:30
Mahatma Gandhi The statue of Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled in Leicester, the southeast British city known as Little India for its Indian-origin population.
Even though the locals were opposing the installation of the statue, no protest was made during the unveiling of the seven-foot icon, sitting on a ...

Last Updated: 2009-06-23T10:00:13+05:30
The son of a taxi driver has been elected the new speaker of the British House of Commons, the world's oldest parliament.

John Bercow, an opposition Tory MP who is said to be more popular among the ruling Labour benches than among his own party members, topped three secret ballots held in the ...

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