Hollywood starlet Jennifer Aniston takes fashion inspiration from Cameron Diaz.

Jennifer Aniston Admires Cameron Diaz Fashion Sense
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Jennifer Aniston is the style icon of today and is highly praised for her trendy attires and sexy figure but there is someone from whom the diva takes inspiration and it is none other than the other Hollywood icon much in news for her strikingly attractive looks, the blue-eyed bottle blonde, Cameron Diaz.
Yes, the 41-year old beauty admitted while attending the premier of her new movie, ‘The Switch’ that she is impressed with the fashion sense of Diaz, 37.  According to Aniston, Diaz truly deserves the red carpet as she makes the event look more glamorous.
"I love seeing Cameron Diaz on the red carpet. I think she's gorgeous and has a lot of style," Aniston said.
In addition to it the Hollywood starlet also complimented actress Cate Blanchett,, calling her fashion sense ‘always interesting and unique’.