Hollywood starlet Jennifer Aniston spends just $30 a month to maintain her beauty.

Jennifer Aniston Shells Out $30 On Her Beauty
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Hollywood starlet Jennifer Aniston is known as one of the highest paid actresses of Hollywood but she prefers not to spend much of her fortune on beauty products and treatments.
It has been revealed that ‘The Bounty Hunter’ actress spends just $30 a month to maintain her beauty. Since her school days, the bombshell has been a fan of Peaches and Cream soap from Neutrogena and she still sticks to it.  
The 41-year-old says the secret behind her eternal beauty is yoga and workouts.
A close pal of the actress quoted, "She uses the same everyday brands that she did as a struggling actress and even though she has one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. It costs just $30 a month to maintain it.”