Currently, George Clooney the Hollywood fame has denied on the reports of selling his luxurious Milan property to the maven soccer David Beckham.

George Clooney Has Not Decided Yet With David Beckham
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It is a priceless piece that the Hollywood star George Clooney has got long time back : an extravagant villa, beautifully located in the peaceful scenario of Milan. Latest report is that the ace soccer player David Beckham is eyeing over the covetous property that Clooney is planning to sell off.
Shortly Clooney has claimed the reports to be false that he has made a deal with his Lake Como villa in Laglio, Italy with Beckhams.
Reportedly , it is heard that Beckham, who was in the country on a loan to top soccer club AC Milan, planned to negotiate with Clooney over his luxurious $41.6 million property.
According to sources report Beckham was caught stating, "I have fallen in love with the beautiful countryside. It's peaceful, quiet and near Milan. It would be great for the family.”
To this report Clooney denied stating that there is nothing relevant to this issue and marked his complete unawareness about the fact. Clooney denied, "To complete the news cycle: I am not buying an island and am not selling my house in Italy. The story was made up, then picked up and now denied.”
This exclusive villa which Clooney had brought in 2001 is heard to be as the most bankable property and Beckhams are fighting their breath out to get hold of his property as they have a strong competitor,a billionaire Russian vodka magnate who is ready to throw a better amount to take over them.

Well who wouldn’t like to owe such a beautiful property of Clooney that is situated in the mid of serenity in a beautiful place like Milan.