Age seems to have no effect upon this most charming species of Hollywood, George Clooney whom single ladies would die to have a date with on Valentine's Day.

George Clooney Is The Most Wanted Man For Valentine’s Date
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The stunning handsome actor of Hollywood, George Clooney rules out to be the most popular figure in the women circle. Coolney who has been nominated for an Oscar for the character of a travel-loving businessman Ryan Bingham in ‘Up In The Air’ is listed as the most desired Valentine's date at the poll of website.
Reportedly, it has been heard that Coolney had won with 21 per cent vote to succeed over Johnny Depp, Robbie Williams and Brad Pitt to snatch to the No 1 slot.
This Batman hero of 1997, Clooney still seems to charm ladies of all age for a Valentine date.