Most of us keep running into cameras that either have an extremely cluttered rear panel, with too many controls loaded in one corner; or there are those ultra slim cameras that come with almost no controls, which means less creativity. Why don't camera manufacturers come up with models that are ergonomically balanced, wherein the user can easily know which button to press or which dial to turn for what? Someone must have been listening to these complaints made by first time users of DSLRs. The Sony DSLR A500 is 12.3mp DSLR that comes with some of Sony's most acclaimed features as well as a kit lens of focal range 18mm to 55mm.

Design and Functioning

When a camera comes packed with features as well as an ergonomically balanced body, no one really complains even if it weighs a few extra grams, right? Weighing a little less than 600gs, the Sony DSLR A500 has its body weight balanced all over the length and breadth of it, for better control and better grip. This DSLR is equipped with both High Dynamic Range as well as Dynamic Range Optimizer function. While the High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography captures more scene contrast than a single exposure can handle by combining two exposures into one incredible shot, Dynamic Range Optimizer improves results with backlit subjects and recovers details hidden in shadows. An integrated on-screen Help Guide and Graphic Display improve on the already easy-to-use menu. The Help Guide provides a selectable, handy reference to the camera's modes and settings while the Graphic Display illustrates the relationship between aperture and shutter speed, and can be superimposed on the Live View display. Apart from all that has already been mentioned, some of its most endearing features are a tilting LCD screen, which allows the user to take picture from angles that are higher or lower than eye level, instead of actually bending or stretching oneself; and Sony¡¯s SteadyShot Optical Image Stabilizer which makes pictures immune to effects of shake or blur. Like all of Sony's DSLRs, the Sony DSLR A500 is compatible with MemoryStick Duo/PRO Duo as well as SD/SDHC cards.