Few camera manufacturers have been capable of capturing their dedicated share of consumer base, especially since the market is ever expanding and extremely demanding. For all these years, Nikon and Canon had taken eaten up more than one third of the whole imaging market and more than half of the digital small format camera. They even came up with the concept of entry level DSLRs, with the aim of encouraging serious enthusiasts to give up their soap box cameras for a more professional option. Sony, which was catching up fast with both these stalwarts, also jumped into the bandwagon of entry level DSLRs and came with some wonderful options. The Sony á380 is just one such example – a 14.2mp DSLR.

Design and Functioning

The A380 is slightly smaller in every dimension than its predecessor and comes with a 'faux titanium' color top plate where, its predecessor, the á350 was all black. Although it feels surprisingly plastic in the hand, with a shorter than average grip and lightweight too at 490g, the Sony á380 has retained a couple of neat and sophisticated features. Sony’s SteadyShot INSIDE in-camera image stabilization is built into each camera body, so every á-mount lens benefits from the ability to minimize blur due to camera shake. An integrated on-screen Help Guide and Graphic Display help take the complexity out of DSLR photography. The Help Guide offers clear, concise explanations of various modes and settings, while the Graphic Display helps the user understand the relationship between aperture and shutter speed, as well as the effect each has on photographic results. The Creative Style settings give the user control over how the camera processes your images. One can choose from 8 finishing styles, including Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Night View, Sunset, B&W, and Adobe RGB, and fine tune them to your personal taste with the ability to adjust contrast, saturation, and sharpness settings. Its 2.7inch LCD display tilts up or down to allow for low or high-angle shooting situations. This entry level DSLR is compatible with MemoryStick Duo, MemoryStick PRO Duo.