Camera manufacturers should device methods of making it increasingly easy for even the common man to want to get himself a DSLR, by making him aware of what to expect from a DSLR. Though many would like to opt for a DSLR, and click using its many manual functions, all of them may not be aware of how their pictures would turn out when they choose a particular combination of exposure controls – aperture and shutter speed. In this way, users would know exactly what to do to get a desired effect with a picture. Sadly, most camera manufacturers do not come with any such provision, except Sony. Sony’s range of á-DSLRs, one of which is the Sony á330, comes with an in built guide for beginners to learn how to make the exposure combinations of their choices. The Sony á330 is a 10.2mp DSLR that comes with a 2.7-inch large LCD screen and 18mm to 55mm wide angle lens, and is equipped with an inbuilt user guide, which explains the effects of choosing a certain value for Shutter speed or aperture.

Design and Functioning

Sony’s DSLRs have been touted as some of the lightest and most user friendly cameras aimed at the first time DSLR users. Most of them, even the Sony á330, weigh under 500gs, but none of them have been compromised on when it comes to quality or grip. An integrated on-screen Help Guide and Graphic Display inside the Sony á330 help take the complexity out of using a DSLR. The Help Guide offers clear, concise explanations of various modes and settings, while the Graphic Display helps the user understand the relationship between aperture and shutter speed, as well as the effect each has on photographic results. The Sony A330 features Quick AF Live View for responsive ‘freestyle’ shooting that keeps pace with what’s happening around you. This unique Sony system combines the benefits of live image preview with speedy and accurate autofocus, even with moving subjects. For even better looking pictures, a newly-enhanced Dynamic Range Optimiser intelligently adjusts exposure values in scenes containing very bright image areas and deep contrasting shadows. Equipped with a new swivel LCD, that can be moved from its place at the rear panel, the user can even click pictures from a high or a low angle, without having to bend his back (literally!) for taking such a shot. Like all other Sony á DSLR cameras, the Sony á330 is compatible with Sony’s MemoryStick Duo/PRO Duo as well as SD/SDHC cards.