Samsung NV9 is a ultra-portable digital camera that comes in a sleek light-weight design with mini dash board and Multi Charging System which allows the user to charge the camera conveniently through any electrical outlet, laptop or desktop computer. It features 33' inch CCD Sensor with 5x inner zoom support which allows the user to capture every moment without any disturbance. It also includes Beauty Shot feature, Face Detection function, Multi Slide Show function, Dual Image Stabilization and also has multimedia features like personal media player, MP3 player and a text viewer. The Camera is measured in a dimension of 95.0 x 59.9 x 21.3mm and weighs just 139.4g (without battery and card).

Design and Functioning

Samsung NV9 is a stylish ultra-slim portable digital camera packed with outstanding features and latest multimedia technologies. It features 10.2 Mega Pixel with 5x Inner Optical Zoom and has f=6.8 focal length which is equivalent to 35mm film which gives an enhanced quality pictures. It comes with Dual Image Stabilization which eliminates even the tiniest of shakes or blurriness caused by camera and delivers ultimate photographs even under difficult lighting conditions. It also includes Multi Slide Show Function where the user can arrange pictures into a slide show by adding music and active slide effects to bring out the emotion in the photos and also has Recycle Bin feature is a trash folder where the temporary or deleted files are saved and can be restored it again to the camera in easy and simpler manner. It boasts Face Detection Function, Beauty Shot Feature which gives a perfect portrait every time without any vague impressions and comes along with multimedia features like Media Player, MP3 Player and Text Viewer which is an ultimate travelling companion to the user. It has high sensitive 3200 ISO which delivers crystal clear photos and sharp details of the fast moving objects even in low light conditions. The Camera comes with 10 MB Flash Memory and is compatible with MMC+/ SD/ SDHC Cards.