Most users of compact cameras face exposure problems because of the fact that compact cameras never have a good aperture range. Most come with a maximum opening of 3.6 or so, in such cases it is better to have a compact camera that offers respite from this problem, which is where the Samsung PL51 comes into the picture. This 10.2 mp camera, with a zoom range of 3x has a high value of maximum aperture opening, which will help the consumer take better pictures in adverse lighting conditions too.

Design and Functioning

The Samsung's range of compact cameras has made their stand clear - they are with the new generation. That perhaps explains as to why they have come up with ultra slim cameras which boast of very less thickness and come in colours as vibrant as Shocking Pink, Electric Blue and Midnight Black. Its maximum aperture opening is at an impressive 2.8, fat better than the usual 3.6 that most cameras offer, which helps to improve exposure settings. This camera responds to ISO ratings ranging from 80 to 1600. The built in flash that comes with this camera also acts as a fill-in source of light, in case there are harsh shadows that could be removed. It comes with an internal memory of 9MB and is compatible with MMC cards too, apart from SD or SDHC cards.