Not many compact point and shoot camera are made for the serious enthusiast who would love to control the settings of his camera all by himself. Ages ago (well, three years ago!), Canon came up with a few of them which did well too. But along the line, compact cameras became jazzier and more colourful with features more aimed at the clickers rather than the serious shutterbugs. Thankfully, Panasonic brings out cameras that are aimed at those who are serious enough to get to know photography, with its DMC-LX3, which features modes like shutter priority, aperture priority and manual, just like a DSLR. It comes with resolution of 10mp and a wide angle zoom lens of capacity 2.5x.

Design and Functioning

Most of us know that SLRs – Prosumer as well as professional ones – are made for the serious photographer who chooses to control his settings. But all of us would also agree that SLR like dimensions also deserve a price high enough. Looking at the design of the Panasonic DMC-LX3, one would feel that the manufacturers tried to pack the shape of an old style SLR camera, the ones that came with prime lenses, with a zoom lens and an LCD screen to give us this serious shutterbug’s little bundle of joy (possibly even literally!). It even comes with the signatory grip that one notices in SLR cameras. This camera also features the controls that only an SLR could come with – Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and a fully manual controls mode. Apart from that, it has the company's proprietary intelligent Auto (iA) mode designed for simple point-and-shoot purposes. It features a 2.5x, 24-60mm wide-angle lens with a bright maximum aperture of F/2.0 at the 24mm setting and Panasonic’s own optical image stabilizer. It contains internal memory worth 50MB and is compatible with SD/SDHC as well as MMC cards.